Boobs! my mum went huge, will this happen to me?!

Hi ladies.

Im 12 weeks now and my boobs have alreayd gone from a 34DD to a 34E. My mum went to a GG when she had me and they never went away! image

She didnt Breastfeed though, do you think this made a difference? I hope so as i am planning on breastfeeding my tot and hope this will help me get my DD's back.

I'm a bit paranoid as i dont want to end up with ma-hussive boobs for the rest of my life! :\?

can anyone advise?

thanks, Lis x


  • oh no i hope not im already a 32ff dont want to get much bigger unless i will fall over im only 5foot2 lol

  • Ha ha, suppose i'm not as hard up as i thought then!!

    I'm only 5.4 myself, with all these spots i'm getting too theres a good chance i'll look like Grotbag by 40 weeks!!

    x x
  • 5'4 here and went from 38 dd - 40 f in the first 7 weeks of pregnancy! i'm 9+5. bras getting a lil tight now image i dont want huge boobs hate having big ones anyway lol i've been told that they do shrink after you stop breast feeding so there is hope for me yet! fingers x'ed
  • i was a 32b b4 my 2nd preg now ive only gone up a cup size to 32c i wish i was bigger after i had my 1st baby i went up to a d cup then they went away image ur all so lucky
  • aw bess you mum2babyhope but its not all its cracked up to be. My mum is a size 10 and has to buy tops in a 16-18 to fit, so she looks much bigger than she actually is!

    I think we just all have to keep our fingers and toes crossed that we'll go back to normal!

    x x

  • i was 34g before, didnt go up till near the end. didnt bf as had no milk, but they still engorged and didnt go down!!! now 34hh and im only 4' 10"
  • I must say you're all really puting my mind at rest here!

    haha, only kidding. keep em coming

    x x
    p.s thanks Susie, my god though at your height they must really hurt your back!
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