Any young mums from manchester area?

Hya im 17 live near manchester and got a little girl ellie shes 3 and im expecting again.x



  • Hi hun where in Manchester you form? i live near manchester in Wigan, my names Beckie im 24 and ive got a 18 month old son and 20 weeks pregnant with my second my emails [email protected] if you have msn?
  • Hya beckie yea iv got msn il add you thanks i live in bolton not far from you. x

  • hi im from preston got a 2 year old son n 10 weeks pregnant! not to far from manchester im 20!xx
  • Hya marie08 preston not that far from bolton always past there on train as my bf lives in blackpool lol. When are you due? x

  • 28th september! while off yet! lol cnt wait tho! wens ur lo due
  • Im due 20th august i carnt wait neither weeks seem be draging lol when ur 12week scan? Seen ur other post go on babybond website 4 3d scans they have a few diff places and dont cost that much x

  • Hiya girls! Sorry to butt in - am not a young mum but I live on the Bury/Bolton border and I was wondering - are you having lo at Royal Bolton? Am currently meant to be having lo at Fairfield but trying to change to Royal Bolton and wondered what its like tbh!
  • Hya i had my daughter at royal bolton i think its really nice and midwifes and doctors there r really caring and understanding. The rooms in the delivery suite r really nice and u have ur own tv shower and toilet. And quite big rooms to walk around and they have a water pool room. Having my second baby there aswel x

  • hi honey, i live in chester so not too far from you, my emails [email protected] if you want to chat xxx rhiannon and 15 week bump xxx
  • Hiya!
    I am 24 and live in Warrington. I am 12 +4 with my first. So excited !! xx
  • Hiya!
    I am 24 and live in Warrington. I am 12 +4 with my first. So excited !! xx
  • hi hun, im 19 live in gorton, manchester and am 37+1 with first x
  • Hya u havent got long to go bet u carnt wait i know i couldnt when i had ellie you get 2 that stage seems like it drags lol

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  • lol exactly. trying to keep busy, but really havnt got the energy to do much. just want the baby to hurry up. any tips on getting labour started? x
  • I went over due with ellie by 14days lol was ment get my waters broke at 7:30am the day i had her few nights before just tryed having sex as much as i could it was really uncomfty but seem to work as started gettings pains and cervix opened. Before that i was drinking raspberry leaf tea didnt help. I would try lots of sex lol

  • Hi im kerry, 23weeks pregnant (nearly) with second baby, I have an 18month old son called rhys. Im 21 and live in Wythenshawe (5mins from manchester airport). Im on facebook (Kerry McNamara) if any manchester mums want to chat. Kerry xxx
  • Iyaa, Im 18 n am from Gorton. Ive gt a gorgeous babi girl called Chanellle, shes 18 months old xx
  • Hi im chantelle
    i live in gorton with my daughters olivia 4 and brooke 8 months and partner.would love to make new friends. :lol:
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  • Hi i`m from Bunrage and have 18mth daughter called Amy-Lee and expecting 2nd baby 8/11/08
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