Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

I've just been told by the doctor that I have this in both my wrists, I wondered if anyone else had experienced it and could give me some tips on how to deal with it.

Doctor has referred me to get some splints fitted but in the meantime my hands are so painful, but the tips of my fingers really numb. I was hemming some trousers last night and didnt notice that I had been stabbing myself with the needle until I saw the blood !!! image

During the night last night I couldnt sleep at all as I was in so much pain, particularly in my right hand. I tried sleeping with it raised up but it just made it hurt and throb more !

Any suggestions or coping techniques would be most appreciated.

Mrsw 32+4


  • I have this too and was fitted for wrist braces. They do help a bit in bed as that seems to be when I'm in most discomfort. To be honest though, there is nothing else I have found to ease the symptoms and it apparently will go away after the birth - so have been told I just have to put up with it til then! Sorry I can't be more positive x
    Mrs S2B
    36 weeks
  • hiya i can really sympathise with you i first got carpal tunnel when i was pg with my 1st which was 4 years ago and have had it ever since and im now 18 weeks and it has got worse.
    It is rare to have it like i do though i have nerve damage aswel which doesnt help - dont want to worry you that you will be like me!
    I would recommend using the splints also seeing a good osteopath i think the earlier you see these the better results you get i did see one for a while but my damage is far to advance now.
    Im going to have accupunture in a few weeks as a last resort as i have tried everything else operations, steriods, physio etc.
    I hope it doesnt get to painful for you and be carefull with hot water as really eas to burn yourself.
    If you have any other questions just ask im becoming a bit of an expert wth it all now better than the doctors lol!

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