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Backache in early pregnancy

Hiya ladies
Just wondering if anyone else had backache in early pregnancy? I'm 11 weeks +3 and have no bump really yet but am getting terrible lower back pain making me walk funny! I thought backache only occured later in pregnancy from carrying the extra weight around? I may have done a bit much this weekend and worn myself out but just wondered if backache is normal?


  • I'm only 5 weeks - and i have been having backache, everyday for the last week and a half. A couple of times i've been tempted to take paracetamol, but so far managed to cope without it. It usually eases off if I move about though.

  • My back has been sore too- I was really starting to worry beofre seeing this coz I had kidney problems in my last pregnancy and some of the pain was in my back. I am approx 13+1 so it is good to hear that others have been experiencing this in the early stages too.
  • I am a mobile hairdresser and my back has been getting a bit sore already, im 15+5 and thought id be okay until later on image

    The prob i have is leaning over bath to wash hair, people sitting on low chairs etc and obviously i have alot of equipment to carry so dreading when i cant manage anymore image

    My clients have been good i have to admit , by helping me in and out with my bag, trolley etc, but i hate asking for help, so want to try get on as normal for as long as poss. Stubborn i know, but well.... lol

    Sharon x
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