Does anybody else wish...

...they could just cut a big old hole in their mattress?? I woke up sooo many times last night because i'd rolled on to my tummy and it was so painful! I even have one of those huge support pillows but i seem to kick it out of bed in the night! Now i'm knackered, so getting the boys off to school and then ignoring the housework in favour of going back to bed!! Midwife is coming at some point today to check my BP so i've convinced myself that housework would be a bad idea anyway in case it makes my BP shoot up! :lol:


  • I have been thinking this alot recently. If they can make a bed with a hole im it for your face for massage then were are the beds with holes in it for us?????
  • I would give my right arm to be able to sleep on my tummy just for 5 mins!!!
  • Me too! I reallllly miss lying on my tummy!

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  • snap!

  • I also am a tummy aleeper. am only 10 weeks but am finding it unconfotable already as am quite bloated. i miss it x
  • Right then, i think we should invent a holey mattress for pregnancy ourselves, we'd be millionaires!
  • Me too!! I still manage to sleep on my tummy, but its more laying on my side with my outer leg at a right angle, so im half on my side half not - if that makes any sense!!! I was thinking of going to a pregnancy massage in the hope i could lay on my tummy for a while!!!
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