When did you first put on a few pounds?

I am only early early so I dont think i have put any weight on - gutted though as I put on 7lbs over christmas and didnt lose it before BFP (although much rather my long awaited BFP)

Since getting BFP I have actually lost 2lbs, but this is prob because I have stop drinking my glass of wine with dinner etc.........

p.s im not a skinny minnie 2lbs is nothing, im a curvy girl.

When did everyone put on a few pounds?

I am up for promotion at work, when I will be 12 weeks so trying to hide it from them as much as possible (although i know they cant discriminate it is always on back of mind) - but if they do find out it wont be a major problem.

Also where did you find you put the weight on first? tum? bum? boobs?


  • hi hun - well im 9 weeks and through throwing up for the last 4 weeks i have lost 1/2 a stone (which wont do me any harm as a size 16 anyway!). with my DD 3 years ago i remember about 14 weeks i started wearing maternity trousers/jeans as buttons wouldnt do up etc. this time round im already wearing maternity jeans this week as so bloated! cant believe it. i think everyone is different but u will prob start noticing the pounds going on from about 12 weeks onwards.

    my boobs got huge first and then my tum. my bum is big anyway!! lol x x
  • I'm 12+4 and my jeans are still feeling loose from being sick. I lost about 1/2 stone

  • I was the same weight until 3 weeks ago then I shot up 6Ibs! I'm 18+3 now with twins

  • it took me till i was about 20 weeks to put on any weight. i'm now 31+5 and have only put on a stone and a half.
  • I put on 6 pounds in the first 12 weeks and that has gradually increased.

    I've now gained 1st 5lbs in total so far....

    Bec 24+3 x
  • I'm 35+5 and I weigh exactly what I did before I got pg - no miracles, just morning sickness!! I'm sure it will change in the next couple of weeks!
  • I have actually lost 4 or 5 pounds due to the wonderful morning sickness. Though I am still showing?? My bump looks pretty big now and family are asking me if I am sure I am not further along that i thought I was???

    K xx
  • I put on about 7 lbs almost straight away (before christmas) by about 8 weeks. But since then I havent gained any weight at all (even over christmas) And although my jeans are a little tight most of my clothes are still ok. My boobs grew a whole cup size but I dont look pregnant yet. Im not skinny either, im a size 14.

    Lisa xxx
  • I put on 3 lbs over xmas but have lost that now due to throwing up so much! Nice. im not too concerned though.

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