Please help me ladies - no morning sickness

I've just read that if you don't have morning sickness you are more likely to mis-carry - OMG i'm really worried now as i'm approx 8 weeks and havne't had a single dose of morning sickness. I get terrible motion sick when i didn't before i got pregnant but defo no morning sickness.

Can anybody put my mind at ease.




  • hi, i wouldnt worry about it, everyone is different. i read in prima baby about a woman who has not had any symptoms whatsoever and actually felt great and her pregnancy went well. not everyone is sick, but youve still got time really for it to kick in. but i really wouldnt worry hun. xx
  • Babe that is a load of rubbish just because you do not feel sick honestly does not mean you are at a higher risk of MC I promise you.

    Think yourself lucky trust me. One of my friends got hers late and had it from 12 weeks till about 22 so honestly it can come anytime. I wish I was like you image

    K xx
  • thanks so much ladies - it's so easy to get wrapped up in what some sites say. My husband is constantly telling me to stop searching for the worst but i'm a worrier at heart and i just feel so protective of our little bundle of joy that i pray we are healthy.

    Like you ladies rightly say, morning sickness could be on the horizon!!


  • Just to put your mind at ease, I didn't have any morning sickness at all and am now 32+6 so I really wouldn't worry. Relax and enjoy your early stages
  • Me too - 27+2 and no sickness at all!
  • Just be thankful you havnt had any. Im 21 weeks and still off work cause of it. Have been in hospital twice and have lost alot of weight. My friend on the other hand is 34 weeks and hasnt suffered in the slightest (with heartburn or anything)! I dont find this fair :lol:

    Try not to worry as everyone is different. The worrying will be more dangerous than the lack of sickness.

    Good luck and enjoy your pregnancy xxx
  • i havent had morning sickness in any of my pregnancies not every one gets it xxx
  • Just to share my experience, I had no morning sickness at all and I'm having twins. Apparently symptoms can be much worse with a twin pregnancy but I didn't have any sickness at all and I'm now 17+6 and my twins are growing well and seem healthy. I know how you feel and I did worry too but am now just thinking myself very lucky that I wasn't sick at all xxx
  • I had no sickness either. The only time I felt queasy was if I didn't eat early enough in the mornings, so was having breakfast as soon as I got up. I'm now 31+4 and (touch wood) have had a generally easy pregnancy, I was still working two jobs until 28 weeks!

    Apparently if you have little or no morning sickness it means you're having a boy! Something to do with hormones!

  • everyone's body reacts differently to a baby hun. doesnt mean u will mc. just try not to worry and enjoy the fact that u havent been sick as its not nice at all!! x x x
  • i didnt have any sickness at all when i had my son , infact i felt so well i didnt even know i was pregnant till i was 23 weeks!! and he is perfect so its nothing to do with signs of a healthy/non healthy pregnancy ,i am due tomorrow with my 2nd baby and ive been sick all the way through this time every single day its really awful , i can understand how u feel its worrying not having symptoms in the early weeks but try not to worry yourself i think everybody's different and hormone changes are so different for everyone ,im sure ure little bean is absolutly fine and just being kind to mummy not making her sick :lol:

    lisa 39&6 xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Please don't worry, I was the same as you and longed for it in the first 12 weeks to reassure myself I was actually pregnant!

    I'm now 24+3, having had no sickness at all and we are expecting a lovely little boy! x
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