So called friends!!

Hi everyone!

Im in work at the moment and its quite quiet and ive been sat here thinking. Im 22 +2 and live with my fiance in Cardiff.

Now, before i was pregnant i had a good bunch of friends and had previously been travelling. We used to go out alot even it was just for something quick to eat or to the cinema and now i cant even remember the last time i saw them !

Just because im pregnant it doesnt mean im not any fun nemore !

I feel quite sad about this as if they were real friends they'd come around to see me or organise something. Im fed up of trying and geting nowhere.

My partner is 10 years older than me and all his friends have wives and children and its harder to get along with them as we dont share the same interests.

I dont know whether im being emotional but feel kinda lonely image


  • Tell them what you just told us!!
  • Aaah you poor thing, you're friends are probably assuming you are tired or want to stay in for now. Why don't you ring the one that you are closest to and tell her how you feel then she can let all the others know and they can make you feel better.

    If you are the first in your group to have a baby they might need you to let them know that you still want to come out. I know it feels like you shouldn't have to but they probably just need a bit of a nudge.
  • i agree with Lottie, if you are the first in your bunch of mates to have babies, they probably don't know that you still want to go out and have a good time, although you won't be partying hard, you can still be fun! they may not know how to treat you, i know your only pregnant but non-mums don't always know what to do for the best. let them know! good luck xx
  • Im not the 1st to have a baby. Im 23 and a couple of my friends have had babies, this is what i dont understand image ive told a couple of them how i feel and they promise we will all arrange something but it never happens.

    Feel really lonely and my partner doesnt understand x
  • Hi melissa im sort of in the same situation. I was 19 (and a party girl) wen i gave birth to my first son and all of a sudden people stopped asking me and OH if we wanted to go out and didnt cum round and visit. Then as we were getting our social lifes back on track agen we found out we were expecting again, and suddenly we've become "no-go's" agen. The annoying thing is wen we do actually see people all they talk about is me been hello there is more to life than my expanding waist-line. Even my dad was at it the other day: we are members of our local rugby club and every year they have a may ball. My dad just assumed we didnt want tickets this year saying "well u wont be coming anyway, will u?". Im pregnant not dying! Granted i will be 31wks and probably taking up all the space, ha ha ha but i dnt see how been pregnant or having a baby shud suddenly make u a loner who doesnt go out. Sorry for the rant, its just i completely understand how u are feeling. Kerry xxx
  • It kinda makes you think- y should i bother?? They dont want to bother with me. Quite sad really.

    Guess ill meet others image
  • Hi hun

    I can sympathise, im 24 and 22+4 with my daughter and have found that my friends have disappeared. We used to go out whenever we got chance but now i dont seem to see them apart form those who i work with. They do still ring to check that im ok but thats about it. Im somilar to you in that my partner is 7 years older than me and his friends all seem to be settled down were as mine are all still living the party life.

    Try and talk to them all individually and tell them how you feel. hopefully they will realise that life doesnt stop just cause your expecting.
  • Its something that happens!

    Happened when I had my 15 yr old, with my 6 yr old and now this one. The true friends have been there all along but there are a few who drift away. The saying is you can count your true friends on one hand!!!!!
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