Back from my holiday and have my dating scan letter!!

yeeeeeeeeeeeeah!!! i have been on holiday for new year and come home to find my letter for my 1st scan, its next Monday!!!! I think i will only be 8 weeks by then going from my calculations..............will there be something to see at 8 weeks???????????xxxxxxxxxx



  • Hi Newlook, how you doing? Ive been on the sofa for the whole week with morning sickness, its awful, done absolutely nothing.

    Its eased up a little today, so nice to have alittle relief from it, I didnt know how I was going to go to work on Monday.

    Great stuff about your scan, will you get another one then at 12 weeks??

  • Hi! I am ok, sickness has kicked in as well but mainly on a night. i think i have my scan soon bcoz my last af was 18 october so they will think i am further on? do u think its safe to tell people after scan next week even if they do say i am only 8 weeks?x
  • No sure really... Im having a private one at 9+2 but am still not going to tell anyone until I have had the 12 week one, although I did think the other day if my sickness continued I might have to.

    Its up to you really, see what they say at the scan, I know once they see a HB the risks are greatly reduced.

    Did you tell your family at christmas? x

  • Hi newlook
    Tell people whenever you feel the time is right - I told everyone after my first scan, not very good at keeping secrets!! like you didn't think I was as far gone but turned out to be 13 weeks at scan!!
    Update us when you've been for your scan
  • My sickness seems to be on a night so tink i will be ok at work i just am bursting to tell people.claireclaired - are u 7 weeks now?
    Yeah we told our family they are over the moon all cried!!! lol

    Pumba cat - how many weeks did u think u were when u went for your scan?xx
  • I thought first scan was between 11-13 weeks, so there would definitely be a baby shape to see. Unless this is a private scan? 8 weeks seems a bit early to me? I could be wrong. Mine is 29th Jan, I'll be 12+3 image xx
  • Glad your family were made up, its really nice isnt it!

    I know what you mean about tellig people, Ive got a few friends that have children and it would be really nice to talk to them about symptoms and stuff but Im trying to hold out!

    7 +1 today! Have started to feel alittle safer since the MS has kicked in despite how awful its been. I wish mine would just come at night, Ive had it all day everyday, it made me cry yesterday I was so fed up!! Havent actually been sick though so I guess thats something to be grateful for!

    Did you have a nice holiday? x
  • hi mithical - i think so too but i think its bcoz my last af was 18 oct and had irregular cycles they prob think i am further on?? im excited but anxious incase its too early too see x
  • welcome back newlook - glad you had a nice break.
    good news about the scan!!
    im sure if you're only 8 weeks they'll bring you back for another one.
    let us know how you get on!!

  • Oooh how exciting!! bet you can't wait! Keep us posted with how it goes, looking forward to seeing some pics xx
  • im pretty anxious, if i am 8 weeks do u think they will give me another at 12 weeks??xx
  • Dont worry Newlook, everything will be fine xx
  • It must be really exciting having a scan, I can't wait! Ask at the scan if you will get another at 12 weeks.
  • Yes I'm sure if it turns out that you're not as far on as they thought that they will scan you again at 12 weeks, if there's a suggestion that they won't i would def push for it, but can't imagine that they wouldn't. Good luck for Monday xx
  • good luck for your scan. i am sure you will also have one around the 12 week mark. xxx
  • You will definitely see something, even if it's really only the flicker of the heartbeat! Still very exciting. If it's their mistake, they should definitely offer you another scan. xx
  • yeah i do hope so, if you were me and all is well on Monday but only 8 weeks would you tell people? work, friends etc? or would you still wait until 12 weeks?xxxxx
  • Most of the people I work with, now know I'm pregnant. I'm not too happy about it, as it got out rather than me telling people. Someone has a big mouth! :evil:

    It's your choice hun. I feel ok really about people knowing at this stage. I haven't had any scares, and have some good signs such as nausea, horrid taste in my mouth and some cravings.

    I guess it depends a little on what the scan actually dates you as. If it's 8 weeks, then I'd probably consider telling people. If it's less, I'd probably wait.

    It's what you are comfortable with. There's no right or wrong. xx

  • Thanks Mithical, i think i will be defo 8 weeks minimum so will prob tell people, i look really bloated and think people will start guessing and whispering soon at work.
    cant believe it got out at your work i would be so mad xxx
  • Guess even though people say they won't tell, there are some people you just can't trust. I obviously picked the wrong person to trust! xx

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