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book recomendations?

When ever I need to know anything I tend to read a huge pile of books so I feel like I'm prepaired, so you can imajen how many I've got through about pregnancy! I've got a great one by the NCT, but can I get my husband to read anything?! So, does anyone have any suggestions of books/websites/mags aimed at blokes about pregnancy and so forth? Any ideas?


  • hi ruth
    the blokes 100 top tips for surviving pregnancy by jon smith looks appealing.. get it a w h smiths, i had a browse and it managed to make me laugh , funny but informative, everything from sex to giving birth and what to expect. would make great toilet reading as its all single snippets of information. the fact of it being written just for men i think may make him more willing to read. i ended up getting my man ' from lad to dad' at w h smiths aswell, can't tell you who it was by because its been put in a pile somewhere and no dout he hasn't bothered to read it so i know just what you mean... i think that just like asking for directions or reading the manuals for electrical equipment, they seem to think they don't need too because they're men...don't think they'll feel so big and clever when we go into labour and it frightens the living daylights out of them!... i'll be bighting my lip on the 'i told you so' xx
  • Thanks for the top tip, I've just ordered it online I thought it would be a really good stocking filler as OH is always looking out for the next toilet reading matter!! Thanks!
  • hi there,

    my DH has a jon smith book called the blokes guide to pregnancy and i cant find it so it must be in his briefcase!

    when we were on amazon last week i spotted several books aimed at dads to be which looked pretty funny, my brother was given a book called "haynes manual to babycare" or somthing like that! its made like a car repair manual and set out like one but is for a baby! very funny but full of good info.

    good luck buying your books

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