weird pains that lasted 7 hrs + not labour? oh + breech baby

hi guys the doctors + nurses couldnt figure it out wondered if any1 else has had similar experience!

i am 33 weeks pregnant and had been out with my friend shopping all day - she wudnt let carry anythin or do anythin tho lol!! but then my son (age 2) who was stayin at my mums that nite wudnt settle and was quite distressed so i was getting him settle for her wheni got severe pains across the top of my bump.

started off fairly mild but got worse and worse i knew it was labour or contractions etc and hubby took me to hospital and the pain continued until around 4am they had ended up giving me pethedine atone point and then the pains went and that was it.

one solution that they offered was that the baby had turned from breech to head down in an awkwad position but i wudnt have thought pain wud hav lasted so long if this was the case and then the following day it turned breech again and i hadnt even realised let alone been in pain ??!!!

any ideas + has ne1 else had similar


  • Hi Elaine
    I had the same sort of pain and finally went to the hospital, they told me it was false labour, my god it was painful, god help me in the real labour. My son's labour wasnt that painful n they also told me she has turned into spine on spine position hence my lower back pain, roll on the next 4 weeks please xxx The midwife was great she did say i was 2cms dilated, but that can happen. Sent me home was the ur body is getting ready speech n baby should be here soon. I cant wait till she is lol xxx
    Take care
    Tracey 36 weeks
  • thanks, but they didnt say of that 2 me lol - was not dilated but they did give me steroid injections for baby's lungs just in case.
    but ever since that night i havnt had any pain in that place but have had almost permament major backache lol more than before and im strugglin a little more
  • I had a breech baby with my first and got all sorts of weird pains. Once I was shopping in the new Tesco Superstore and I was crippled in pain. I went to hospital and the consultant asked me where abouts I got the pains. I told him....Tesco's. He could not stop laughing. ofcourse he meant where on my body!!!! Duh!!!!! Lauren eventually came 3 days early but by natural delivery! (not many hospitals do that )
    d x
  • well that is reassuring lol but have been consultant today and baby has gone head down again - i just really hope he stays that way this time
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