Am I definately Pregnant!!!


I am now 2 days late on my period and 2 days ago I took a pregnancy test as me and my other half are trying for a baby. When the test was complete there was a bright pink line in the test window and a faded pink line next to I pregnant...does a faded line mean a positive??? I have taken 3 so far and each carry the same result ...a faded pink line!!!!




  • You're pregnant,congratulations!! I also had 2 very faint lines on both the fr tests i took and am currently 6 weeks pregnant!!
  • you cant get false positive hcg is only produced in childbearing women due to ...........ta da pregnancy congrats im only five weeks myself but vant wait to get my bump twelve weeks seems like foreverx x x x
  • Aww Congratulations! you are sooo pregnant!! I had exactly the same thing, a line weather it be faint or not is a positive! I done 3 and they were all the same!

    15 weeks
  • follow on from my previous - i know 12 weeks seems so far away but stay positive, come 12 weeks you won't believe how quick time flys!
  • Looks like that confirms it then, omg I am so excited....I can't wait till my 12 week scan. I called the GP this moring they just took my details and said that they would forward them to the midwife who will be in touch to book my first appointment at about 11-12 weeks...will my scan be later on then do you think?

  • Did your gp not want to see you? Your booking is normally around 10 weeks. The lasted date you can have your scan is when you are 13+6. A really good site to look at is will show you lots about the baby and give you some dates that you can follow. There is a calender on there that you can follow and that really helped speed the 12 weeks up. But a big fat congratulations!
  • No, I called and asked to make an appointment due to the fact that I may be pregnant...she asked if I had tested I explained the 3 tests and the 3 faded pink lines...she congratulated me then took my details and said that she would forward them over to the midwife and they would be in now I am just waiting. I asked her about a blood/urine test and she said there was no real need if I had had 3 positive results. So now it is just a waiting game

  • I would say defo yes you are! congrats!

    I got 2 faint positives so went out and brought a CBD and it spelt it out for me. Im now 25 weeks so it was defo right!


  • Sorry totally unrelated now kind of but you know your 'baby ticker' at the bottom of your you have to paste it in everytime? or is there a way so it is permanently there...image)

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  • congrats huni ur deffo pregnant!!!! i had the same thing wiv my tests had the very faintests of lines (u cud hardly c it) and didnt belive it till i did a cbd!! so ill c u in the july forum!!!
    luv clare

  • Hi,

    I've never used a ticker, but I know this question has been asked before, and the answer has been that unfortunately you do need to paste it each time.

    Congratulations on your pregnancy!! image xx
  • Congratulations huni. Heres to a happy and healthy 9 months for you image

    Suzi 24+6 xxx
  • yep your pregnant, congratulations, enjoy.
  • Congratulations!!!!!!!!

    x x x x
  • I would defo say you're pregnant, congratulations hunni xxx

  • Congrats! How exciting!!

    Its a pity you cant see your doc sooner as it will make it feel more real lol. I saw my doc at 4 week and she confirmed it all, it also got things moving quickly as i had my 1st midwife visit at 7 weeks and by then i already had my scan date thru!
    Just make an appmnt for something else and pop it in to the convo ;\)

    Take Care hun xx

    Sharon x

  • Aww congratulations when i took my first ones they were a fine pink line too and i am now 10 + 4 image its going fast at the moment all exciting. x
  • Congratulations!!!
  • Hi Guys

    I have just taken a 4th test to be sure as i am now 3 days late...and guess what I am definately pregnant....two bright pink lines appeared within seconds...I am so extatic!!!! Yay i'm gonna be a mummy again...xxxxx
  • Congrats hun!!

    Oh and re the ticker - yes you do have to paste it all the time which is why i dont bother putting it on every reply image)

    Anna 25+4
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