• Thats nice, my o/h saw this cot bed which he liked, you can get it seperate from the furniture for about ??200.00;

    Lilly May also have some lovely stuff on their site, have a look!.

    O/T I was reading a book last night that said when choosing your cot it is preferable to get one with flat slats rather than rounded ones in case the babies head presses against it. It was the contented little baby book which I bought yesterday as some people say its quite firm hopefully ill get some good tips out of it. I have also ordered the Baby Whisperer book to get some tips.

    Georgie xx 19+5
  • Oh I might have a look on there, I hate shopping around which I know I should do, I see something I like and go for it.

    I am off to look on Lilly May now.

    K xx
  • Im like that too, either way the cot you have chosen is really nice. Have you seen how expensive the mamas and papas cots are? Im not paying that much when they have some lovely ones at Mothercare and other places

    You should be able to get to the home page from my link but if not ;

  • Yeah I do like them both, I don't want to look at loads you know just want one that can change into a bed and will last for awhile.

    Thanks hun I love looking all these up image

    K xx
  • I like this one! It was in the store all made up with the bedding we've gone for, and looked gorgeous!
  • I like the shade of both of them. Have you been into the shop to see them? I think things are much better when you see them in person, I just want to buy everything in the shop which is why I take Luke so he can decide and keep me grounded lol

  • Please don't buy from that company. My mother in law brought a Quinny Buzz from them the end of last year for my sister in law and we had nothing but trouble, they have terrible customer service and never call back when they say they will. The website doesn't tell you if the product is out of stock, and as far as could tell they don't keep much stock in, if any of some items ,and they won't put an order in to the manufacturer until they have a big order. This was just our experience and because of this I would never recommend them as I don't think they deserve the custom. There excuse was that they are a new company and are still having teething problems. When we asked for our money back as they took the money immediately, knowing full well they didn't have the item, we were told that it would take upto 30 days. Not good. Sorry about the rant but I thought the first time I see someone recommend this company I would tell people not to go there. x
  • And forgot to say, i think both the ones you've put on are gorgeous, but i think i prefer the second one!
  • I am becoming such a huge fan of Babies R Us!!!

    This is lovely image It's a really really nice cot, it's a shame it's in white only though as we are after dark wood to match the wardrobe already in the room.

    K XX
  • I was gonna go for dark wood originally, i think they look really nice with pink and white bedding. They have a few dark ones on babies r us. And have you looked on ebay? They have some really gorgeous ones on there! (brand new i mean, from ebay stores) xxx
  • Thanks for the advice hun you mean the Lilimay not Mother Care right?

    Yeah I wanted white but we have a dark wardrobe that is very nice and was already there. I am looking on Babies R Us now they have some wonderful ones.

    I have seen the second cot in Mother Care that was very nice not seen the second one.

    K xx
  • Are you putting Rose straight in Cot hun?
  • No I am being greedy and having a Crib as wellimage

    K xx
  • Well yeah if you have the space you might as well, you'll need one when shes 6 months anyway. I already have the cot bed that felicity is using as a bed now and I got the crib other day so Ill leave it til Ella is 6months transfer her over to cotbed and buy felicity a junior bed. I remember you having dilema a while ago about moses basket, are you getting one of those too? xx
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