Major headaches and really thirsty.

Hi mummies to be!
I'm 14+5 with number 3 and keep getting the most awful headaches, they last nearly all day and I'm constantly thirsty! I drink so much throughout the day, at least 5 pints of water and another 2 in the night. Is this anything to worry about? I dont remember having this with my other 2.


  • no i dont think so just make sure u r getting plenty of rest easy 4 me to say thow i have 3 kids myself so its hard to rest lol i used to get headaches in the earlyer stages aswell i think its just stress cos u have alot on with the other 2 just try and take things easy and i bet ure second home is the toilet lol drinking all that water i cudnt do that it used to make me sick lol gud on u thow 4 keeping the water thing up xx
  • Hi hon,
    You're too early on for it to be anything like pre eclampsia I would have thought, but I'd still give your midwife a call as it is something they look out for. It may be a sign that you need a GTT(glucose test) or something just to double check. I'm sure it's nothing serious though.
    Carly 16 weeks exaxtly! xx
  • Hiya - Im the same hun...had a headache for 2 days now but I've been thirsty all the way through. Sure all is ok but best to get checked just in case xxx
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