Swollen ankles!

I KNOW this is a very common thing in pregnancy, particularly towards the end, but having had a practically trouble- and symptom-free time of it so far I am HORRIFIED to discover that in the space of the past 7 hours my ankles have disappeared and there are tennis balls in their place!

I know that it's probably just water retention (normal) but I also know that it could be a sign of pre-eclampsia (bad). Do you think it's worth getting an emergency appointment with the midwife so she can check my wee, BP etc? My next scheduled appt is a week away, which seems like quite a long time.



  • hiya

    yeah i would check with MW if you are concered - that's what they are there for.

    i have not possessed a pair of ankles for months now and same as you not really suffered in any other ways. my BP is always fine but get my MW to check at each appointment.

  • i had absolutely massive ancles with my last pregnancy and i was certain something was wrong...
    however if your not experiencing any other symptoms... i wouldnt worry too much...
    BUT.. if your not sure.. you should always get checked for piece of mind....

    my feet were so big that if i painted them green id have looked like SHREK!!!!
  • Hi PTB!

    I would deffo get them checked just to be on the safe side,and for piece of mind really.

    Let us know how you get on hun!

    Carrie 36+3
  • Well, have had them up for a while now which seems to have helped a little - they've deflated a bit! Think I might stick it out and wait for my appointment next week unless anything else starts to swell too - I tried to get an appointment earlier but typically the only slot left was the one time I really couldn't do (it's my last few days at work & I don't want to take the mick and have time off unless it's really necessary). Thanks for the advice ladies (even if I did ignore it :roll: )

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