safe to eat M&S sarnies -anyone know??

Does anyone know if it is safe to eat M&S sarnies? I am having a working lunch tomorrow and I know they provide sarnies from M&S.
I have looked on the back before and it does state that the mayo and eggs are pasturised.
Please help!!!!!!


  • as long as its pasturised then it should be fine, just don't eat any shellfish, soft cheese, or raw meats (salami etc)

  • Hi

    same as above; avoid prawns etc but also bear in mind when they set up lunch how long has it been out of the fridge - there's nothing worse than biting into a warmish egg sarnie and then having to find somewhere to discreetly bin it!

    i'd stick a banana in your handbag in caser it all looks a bit warm and tired by the time you get it!

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