seen my midwife today ......

hi ladies well i went to see my midwife this morning , she took a swab as promised to check for group b strp(she commented that i looked sore did i feel sore cringe!!!)well i said no i dont anyway!!!sorry tmi ..............ok then she put me on the moniter and bubs was hyper for a change phew so i was only on about 20 mins , she checked for baby's position she said s/he is head down low but not engaged grrrrr.....she then said i wouldnt see her for any appointments now cos she has to do clinics in the next town image..............i will still see the other nice m/w though now just got to wait to see what the results say on weds for group b , hopefully negative eh but she did say that doesnt mean i wont have it next week or during birth as its a weird infection that can be there one week and not the next grrrrr!!!

hope u and baby's are all good xxxxxxxxxxx


  • thanks sb , no i didnt have it last time but i have read so much about it and how dangerous it can be for newborns i asked if i could have a test , i shouldnt really have been given one just by asking as the nhs dont offer them but my midwife said she would do one and say i had increased discharge that way they will pick it up , saved me ??36 eh xxxxxxx
  • ah thanks for caring sb , i really hope it come back negative the last thing i want is to be stuck on a drip when in labour , im hoping to stay home as long as poss i hate hospitals lol xxxxxxx
  • thanks sarah , i asked my m/w why the nhs dont offer it and she said its really unreliable and even if it comes back ok today it doesnt mean i wont have it next week so they see it as a waste of time doing it ! i think one of the "signs"of it is increased discharge as this is what she said she was going to put down as a reason for taking a glad lo is ok too just hope he/she isnt too comfy as i want out very soon lol xxxx
  • I have asked for a test because both my sisters have it, i don't know if i had it last time because i wasn't tested but bub was ok!!
    But i am worrying about it this time! i will pay myself if they don't give it me on NHS!
    Good luck for you results hun

  • thanks samantha , if u say to your m/w u have had increased discharge they will take a swab and then that will show group b strep(im not sayin people should lie but its ??37 privately and i know its not alot if it means your baby is safe but i cant help but think one of the reasons the nhs dont offer it is so they can make a bit of money??!!)......also i think u need to order it from the net quite early in order to get in to u and back in time xxxx
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