Anyone got and used a microwave steriliser ??? Advice please

Hi girls am just getting my list of things i need to buy sorted and even though this is my 3rd child i have never used a microwave steriliser but like the lookm of them
Just want to know from anyone who has used one ... does your microwave need to be a certain wattage ? and .... are they good ?

Thanks girls , Jo 24 +2 xx


  • Hi Jo

    I used one for my last baby, the tommy tippee one. I had no complaints apart from you could only do 4 bottles at a time. You have to have a bigger microwave cos they dont fit in the smaller ones. I have an 800watt microwave and that was fine.

    But yeah, i had no complaints with mine! They alot cheaper. I've bought a steam one this time. I dont know why really. It was just in the sale so i thought...why not!

    Hope this helps!

    Heather 36wks
  • Thanks for that it really helps and it was the tommy tipee one that i had put on list with a question mark nxt to it , thanks again Jo x
  • Hi,
    I have just purchased a tommy tipee microwave steriliser from Tesco's for ??9.98. They are on offer half price at the moment. It comes with, 3 bottles, teats, a brush and tongs. Good value I think.
    Glad to see you have no complaints with it HEATHER,
  • Hi sprout,
    Ive got an avent microwave steriliser and its the best present iv ever bin given. It came with bottles, dummies and a couple of other bits and bobs so would have been a little more expensive but its totally worth it. They are so quick and easy, just be careful when opening the lids after its finished coz sumtimes if you dnt let it cool a min u cud get steamed...which iv dun plenty of times. Kerry xxx

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