Dead Leg?

This has happened me a few times now but last night it was particularly painful so I thought I'd see if any of you had any ideas? When I'm sleeping on my left side (always with a small pillow between my knees) I wake up and my left leg is completely dead and sore from the outer hip right down to my calf. I can still feel where it was sore in the night now. I know it's not like SPD as I have this slightly in my right hip and it's a different kind of pain. Anyone any ideas?


  • grrrr babyexpert just swallowed my reply! anyway,
    I had a dead arm for 2-3 weeks every night when I was crossing over from 1st to 2nd trimester. I mentioned this to my midwife who didn't seem surprised and said it was probably rise in hormones. anyway, despite, changing positions and cushions etc-which made no difference, it just resolved itself overnight. now I don't have a problem! hope this helps!
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