feeling scared

hi everyone

im 30 weeks on wednesday and its slowly hitting me that im going to have to give birth and im so scared esp after watching that dawn has a baby program on bbc3 i have honestly never seen any birthing videos etc b4 and watching those women go through that made me petrified,

girls please tell me honestly whats it like so im prepared????


  • Can't tell you what its like as this is my first too but went to mothercare today and told my husband that I was going to get everything I needed for my hospital bag however when I got there I couldn't buy anything! When my oh asked me why not I had to admitt that I just wasn;t mentally ready yet!!!! It was as if buying things ment that I had accepted that I was going to have to give birth and just not there yet!!! Does that make any sense to anyone else???

  • i sympathise. i'm in my 31st week and slowly but surely starting to get more and more nervous. i have to admit i started adding little bits at a time to my hospital bag since 27 weeks. i do need to get to mothercare to buy the last few bits though.
    it's the tearing or needing to be cut bit, that scares me most. and i'm also petrified of being in labour for a day or more.
    don't we all wish we had a fairy godmother right now?
  • that makes perfect sense to me im putting off doing my hospital bag as well.
    also i have just read this out to OH and asked him to b supportive and he says theres no point i have to come to terms with it myself!!! nice
  • Hi im so sorry im not going to fill you with much hope im afraid i had a baby daughter in July 2006 and the labour was the worst experiance of pain ever, im coming up for 32weeks on Tuesday and am absolutely petrified because i think i know what to expect, although i can defo say that it is entirely true that once the baby is in your arms you really do forget it is sooo worth the pain, it must be if i am willing to do it again that shows how it is all worth, the only thing i can suggest is that you take things in your stride, not to stress too much about what will happen and let things go with the flow because not all labours will go as you want them too 100% just go with your body good luck for the labour hope i havnt made things worse Sophie 31+5 xx

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