still have cold!

i have now had cold for about a month and have tried everything my mum made me feel great lol not she said she had cold all the way through both mine and my sisters pregnancy has anyone else had this or should i be worried? xx


  • i've hada nasty cough but thats caused through the damp of the wall our landlady is about to get billed over ??3000 to fix due to postponing the problem for so long lol serves her right made me and my lo suffer instead of sorting it and now has told us after us telling her i'm pregnant she's evicting us! great way to start xmas!
  • yeah hun i have had a cough and cold thats really heavy on my chest for about 2 and a half weeks now and its doing my head in - you tried olbas oil with hot water in a bowl so you can inhale the steam when it rises - that will help losen and clear you slightly. sorry i aint got no other ideas - ive tried loads and none have worked thats the only one that has helped me slightly. xx but i have also been told that a cold in pregnancy is really common seems alot of women get them as there immune system gets low xx
  • awww crochet mom i am so sorry to hear ur bad news some ppl dont have hearts anymore hope everything works out xxxx
  • thankyou jemmaj will try that am fed up of it soz u feel the same its drab innit xxx
  • yeah - i think i need so wear a nappy the constant coughing is making me feel like i am going to pee myself all the time LOL
  • haha i know what you mean hunny lol its a sneeze then a cough then a dribble lol how far along are you?
  • 10 + 4 and its flying by !! thank god - im so excited LOL !! how far gone are u chic ? are u in the uk ?
  • 17+3 yes i am in yorkshire i am excited too got my 20 week scan on the 7th jan cant wait xx
  • i'm 12+5. we waited till the 12 wk mrk to tell her we knew we had to move due to lack of space but we weren'[t due to move till march but now it seems we gotta move earlier. Just hope council can help or we're stuffed! makes me laugh as there is nothing in contract about about no kids! the whole dribble thing is frustrating when you have a sneezing fit and can't do anything about it!
  • do you girls have msn ?
  • i dont any longer i am afraid i got rid of the messenger thing due to ppl buggin me out lol amazin how ppl get ur addy without you telling em soz hunny xx
  • its ok chic lol i know i use my bfs now as mine got full of weirdos LOL ... i bet u cant wait for crimbo to be here and gone so your scan comes round quicker ! i have my first scan next thursday 20th am so excited !
  • no i cant hun bet u cant wait either it makes it more real xx
  • yeah my oh is still in shock so i hope this will help him settle down abit more once he has seen it, think it can be harder for a man to adjust to as he dont get the feelings we do.
  • I'v ehad a cough, cold and sore throat on and off for about 3 months now.. doc says its a virus but she did give me antibiotics for my throat too.. there is nothing you can take unfortunately - just paracetamols & honey/lemon drinks and plenty of rest. I find that the blackcurrent fruit pastilles are not too bad at helping a tickly throat.. oh..which has reminded me - i used to drink hot blackcurrent juice years ago for colds... might have to try that again.

    crochetmom - you might find that the council will tell you to stay put until you actually get an eviction notice from the court before they will rehome you.. they won't count you as a priority until you get a court order as until then you still have somewhere to live. I've seen that happen many times when a landlord has wanted their property back for whatever reason. The only times the council won't rehome you then are if you have breached your contract -eg rent arrears in which case I don't think they have an obligation to rehome you as you have made yourself intentionally homeless... so they should help -it just takes them forever!!!
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