I just burst into tears and shouted at my husband because I couldn't decide what I wanted for tea! I think he thinks I'm going mental! Please tell me that I won't be like this the entire pregnancy? I'm only 12 weeks and really hope I might feel less like I'm on the edge of a nervous breakdown soon!

Anyone else feeling like this?


  • Everyone is different so I don't think anyone can tell you yes or no. Also different people cope with their hormones in different ways. Personally I'm a stark raving lunatic when the hormones kick in- so I can kind of relate to what your saying!!

    From my experience I can go for days/weeks where I am fine and 'normal' then I have a day (sometimes two or three in a row) where my hormones go mad and I am a nightmare.

    Just try to be calm and take a deep breath when something is annoying you-especially if you know you are being a bit irrational.

    Thats the best I can do I'm afraid!!! They tend to settle down once the baby is born- but maybe for you you might not have another attack of the hormones throughout your pregnancy.

    Good luck xx
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