how to work out.....

Just wondering if anyone knows how they will work ot how far gone I am? as i never had a proper period after coming off th pill in November, quite intreaged to know what they will do as they usually take it from the date of ur last period?
any ideas?
I have the doctors on Friday at long last, feels like i have known for ages and havnt even seen anyone yet!!



  • Hi, I think usually they try to take a rough estimate and then your dating scan at 12 weeks will tell them approximately how far along you are. If they are really stuck they can always check your hcg levels and go from there.
  • oh yes i never thought of that, i hope thats what they do as its annying not
  • They may send you for an early scan if you have not a period for several months. The dating scans around twelve weeks are pretty accurate as they measure the length of the baby.
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