Braxton Hicks

Hi ladies

When should you start to feel braxton hicks? I'm 29+3 and I haven't noticed any yet, but so many people due around the same time as me have been having them. Should I be worried? Could I be having them and not notice? Thanks.

Serena xxxx


  • Hiya, im 30 weeks tomorrow and i havent had any yet either x
  • Oh that's good to know, thanks Melissa1! xxxx

  • Hi to both, It definately not a bad thing not getting them. I didnt get any in my first 2 pregnancies but always get them with this one. When you get them as well its sometimes a little added worry if it turns into anything more!

    I definately wouldnt worry even my midwive has said not a lot of people get them or they get them but they are so slight they go unnoticed. Hope this helps xx

  • I think its nothing to worry about. I have asked my midwife and she has said not to worry.

    2 B honest i dont even know what i would be looking out for lol x
  • Thanks, that's great. Maybe I'll be lucky and not get them then! xxxx

  • u will be getting them not sure if they r called braxton hicks these ones?? they r painless and the only way u will feel them is by putting ur hand on ur stomach. i never even knew this was them til i read it in a magazine!! ur stomachs goes rock solid for a few secs and then back to normal. just ur body practicing. xx
  • I didn't get any up until a couple of weeks ago, and no I get them everytime I move image my tummy goes rock solid for a few secs and then kind of drops back to normal, they are really annoying lol

  • I'm really confused about this, I thought when my tummy went hard it was baby pushing herself up to be rubbed, I get that all the time and thought my baby was very active. But I have also had some twinges down below which I thought was baby pushing on cervix, I am soooo confused!

    Em 35+6
  • i didn't get any bh that i noticed with my first pg but this time i get lots and been having them since about 25 wks. they are quite uncomfortable cos they squeeze the lo really hard and then he kicks me back like they make him grumpy!! mw saaid if i am getting lots it means that i am overdoing things and to take it easy. also she said eat lots of yoghurt to replace calcium and have warm bath if they are painful.
    Claudia 34+5
  • This pregnancy malarky is soooo confusing.....!! Ha ha xxxx

  • lol I know, just remember every pregnancy is different. I started getting them at about 20 weeks.
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