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Did anyone's BFP take a while to show on a test?Please help!

Hi, I have briefly migrated over from TTC! I'm on month 6 TTC no. 2 now and AF is 6 days late.

On monday at 2 days late i tested with a FR and a very faint line appeared within the 3 minutes of waiting. So I did a CBD that night and it said 'not pregnant' :cry:

So Wednesday I did another FR and the same faint line appeared again, it was possibly slightly darker than Monday's.

I looked on FR website and it said any line no matter how faint is a positive, but just trying not to get my hopes up yet as CBD was a BFN.

I rang FR helpline yesterday and asked and the lady said any line is a positive, but i can't believe it until I see a proper line as i've heard of people getting evap lines and things like this although the lady on helpline said if the lines appeared in the time then its not an evap.

I have no more FRs to use but one Tesco HPT left so will try that in the morning. But terrified nothing is going to show. If nothing does show i'm going to be so worried, as i don't know where AF is and if these lines are faint positives it is surely not a good sign that the hormones aren't increasing enough to show a stronger line.

As experienced PG ladies (!) can anyone please tell me what they think to this/whether it happened to them/recommendations of best or most sensitive tests to use - I am getting desperate to know - it has been a LOOOONG week not knowing!

Many thanks, I hope to be joining you all soon!

Amy. x


  • I have never used the cbd tests but have had experience of lines taking a while to appear. This time round I was almost 2 weeks late before I got a BFP no matter what test I tried.

    I have never had experience of getting a bfn then doing another and getting a bfp tho but I have heard that a test can give a false negative but never a false posative so maybe thats a good sign.

    Personally I would spend no more money on tests- use the last one you have and book an appointment with your gp- either to book in your pregnancy or to see what he says

    I hope you get the result you want xx
  • Also I don't know if it helps to know but had some symptoms: bloated tummy and stomach cramps (normally get these after AF arrives), boobs feel normal - ish but can then be sore at times and tingly like the let down reflex you get when breastfeeding. Had some aching pains in my left shoulder and armpits too (?!!) have no idea what that is about. Obviously AF is late too, been feeling quite hot when i normally feel the cold, headaches (get these before AF too though).

    I am just so confused and the more time that passes the less confident i feel that this is my BFP, i keep expecting AF to turn up at any minute.

    Thanks again, any advice would be greatly appreciated!

    Amy. x
  • Thank you for the advice KThom122. You said it took 2 weeks for a BFP to appear, was it a strong line when it did? I have had no experience with faint lines as with my first it was a strong line that appeared within seconds from the day AF was due. Think that is good advice, I will do the tesco HPT in the morning and like you said book a GPs appointment if nothing shows up. Or hopefully to book in for antenatal care (fingers crossed!). I am trying to be optimistic but at the same time not get my hopes up too much.

    Thanks again!

    Amy. x
  • Hi Hun,
    My positive took a while to show. My normal cycle of 28 days had been a bit patchy for the few months before, 33 days 39 days and a 29 day. I was 2 days over, counting a 28 day cycle, although i didnt really know if that made me late or not! Had period type cramps, i was grouchy and wanted to eat every single piece of chocolate i could lay my hands on! This was absolutely my normal pre-period routine. This started on Thursday but still no show by saturday. I did a FR on saturday afternoon (i know maybe should have been a morning one) and got BFN !!! Pains carried on so decided to do morning on sunday - again BFN !!! Monday morning - BFN!! These were all FR. Tuesday still nothing so, decided to do finally FR on Tueday night as was going out of my head by then, did it about 8pm and got BFP!!!! couldnt believe it, so jumped in the car and went to tesco and bought CBD - had to see it in words!!! Got the new one that tells you conceived time (approx) another BFP - and said 1-2 weeks!!! so i was a couple of weeks pregnant and it had taken almost a week to show up!!
    Hang in there! Got any pains? Maybe wait a couple of days and try CB instead?
    Hope this helps, sorry if a bit long!
    Lisa xx
  • Lisa that was a great help, it is good to know it can be still be a BFP but take a while to show up. Only FR tests have shown the faint line but CBD said BFN. Trying a Tesco one tomorrow so who knows what that will do!

    Now you've mentioned it I have 2 more symptoms, severe grouchiness and feeling so hungry all day even after a big meal!

    I am having stomach cramps, more painful and like stabbing pains rather than AF pains. And if i stand up too quickly get a very sharp pain in my lower abdomen. Also got backache and keep getting pains in my left shoulder for some random reason!

    Amy. x

  • hi hun - i did 2 tests when i was 14dpo and both were BFN. Then waited for more days and did 2 CBDs and both were BFP. I think it depends on the level of HCG in your urine so maybe wait a few days more and test again. If you are really unsure then phone your GP and make an appt. They can do blood test to find out! Good Luck hun x x
  • Oh God, hadn't even thought about an ectopic. Got a GPs appointment this afternoon as got another faint positive this morning so i will ask then. I know it's not your intention to upset me, if anything like that was to happen it's best to find out sooner so thanks for telling me as i wouldn't have even mentioned it. I hope this appointment goes well this afternoon and i'll be joining you on here soon!

    Amy. x
  • mrsneish2b is right, shoulder tip pain is a sign of ectopic. I never had it myself though. Would you describe the pain as being in the tip? I had bleeding with my ectopic, then severe one sided pain in my tummy (there is no mistaking this sweetie, you will know). Also my BFP came a week after AF expected

    Really hope this isn't the case with you and you get good news from your doc

    Fingers crossed xx
  • Hi ladies, just wanted to update you briefly:

    Went to doctors yesterday and she did a test which came up with (another!) faint line. I am just worried that the line isn't getting any darker. I also mentioned the shoulder pain but she didn't seem bothered by it as i hadn't had any one sided stomach pain (?!). Had cramps all over but not only on one side. The shoulder pain has happened 3-4 times and feels like a stabbing pain in the tip of my shoulder. She thinks I may have just picked up a virus?!

    I had already been referred for a scan to identify what was causing probs with my periods so waiting for a letter to come through about this and hopefully something will show up on there.

    In the meanwhile I haven't booked in or anything yet, as don't want to tempt fate when i haven't had a strong line. Just got to wait and test again this week!

    Hope to be joining you soon!


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