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We're having a....

Had our gender scan today...


If you want a definite answer then you'll have to wait until next Friday as we're going back for a re-scan!!! Baby Roo was quite curled up and then started crossing legs :lol:

HOWEVER, the sonographer was pretty certain that we're having a....











We are SO excited!!

And can't wait for our freebie scan next Friday to make sure image (I think Roo is just going for a record number of scans :lol: this was number 8! )

We got an amazing DVD of the scan and also got to see Baby Roo is 4D! It was SO fantastic - Baby Roo was yawning and swallowing and sucking her thumb. And I would HIGHLY recommend Babybond - it was such a lovely atmosphere in there and they were so lovely and spend ages showing us everything on the scan and answering our questions. And the scanning equipment was great - it was SO clear. We also got about 6 pictures and they let our mums come in to see Baby Roo at the end (actually the 2nd time we went in after having a walk and some food and a drink to try and get Roo to move a bit!).

Love NN + probable pink bump! 16+1 xxx

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  • congrats sweetie thats wonderful news.
  • So MI was right on one of her guesses! lol! Congrats hun, thats great news xx
  • oh wow congratulations hun!!! xx
  • Congrats NN

    I am really happy for you, you really deserve this and it is amazing. I am so happy for you. I have just found out we are having a boy so i am very happy.

    Glad to hear you are doing okay. Take care.
  • Oh hun how exciting!! I dunno why I just felt you were having a girl (knowing my instincts it will prob turn out to be a boy when you go back, tho!)

    I'm just so so happy and made up for you, it's lovely news that all is going so well! xxx
  • OH i got all goose bumps when i was reading your post, im so happy for you. Dont be rushing out to buy pink things till next friday though just in case!!!

    What a bonus that you get another scan though, thats fab

    Congratulations mummy!!

    Gemm x
  • Wow - so pleased to read this! And looking forward to your confirmation on Friday! Congratulations xx
  • So pleased to hear that everything's going so well for you and hubby this time really do deserve it.

    Congratulations on your (probably) pink bump...looking forward to your update next week.

    Jaimep xx:\)

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  • Congratulations (on your maybe pink bump) image

  • Fabulous news hun :\)

    Can't wait til you find out for definate, you must be so excited! image

  • OOOOhhhh NN that is just fantastic news congratulations just so happy for you, you really do deserve all the happiness, and what a bonus an extra scan for free fab, cant wait to hear for definite if it is a pink bump.

    Big hugs

    Leigh-Anne xx
  • NN,

    I'm so chuffed for you. You and OH must be so excited and another free scan to boot!

  • Congratulations on your little girl and best wishes.


  • how come i have to wait til 20 weeks to find out what im having image not fair!! im 18+3 n i wanna no now damn it!!!!!!!!

  • Hi NN, I know I shouldn't be on here, but I can't help but have a little nosy!!

    Anyway, I just wanted to say a huge CONGRATULATIONS!!! I haven't been about much as I am trying to let the months pass as quickly as possible. But, when I do come on, I always check to see how things are going for you and have been so pleased to see things going so well. I can't believe that you are 16 weeks already, it seems to be going so fast (well for me at least!!). Seeing your pregnancy progress so well is giving me real hope and excitement for when we can try again,

    Hope you are keeping well, you have been in my thoughts over the weeks

    With love
    Welsh xx
  • Aw thats so very sweet! Congrats! xxxx
  • Yay so excited. I knew if I kept predicting girl I would get one right eventually!! I am so happy for you!!!
  • Awwww Im all teary!! A little Pink Roo image ... well , we think!
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