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Hi Michelle, I haven't posted much on here yet, but I just noticed from you post about growth scans that this is your 5th pregnancy??? I am 8+1 with my first baby and am fairly petrified about the latter stages of pgy, and labour and birth. I'm 31 so lots of my friends have kids and I've heard soooo many horror stories. I would love some positive stories, and have a feeling you may be the lady for the job? as you clearly love being pg and having babies, lol! :\)
Ames x


  • Thanks, personally i do like being pregnant to a point but i must like it enough to keep having more!! lol

    I have been lucky to have good pregnancies and births too. I had my first baby when i had just turned 18. I met my other half when my daughter was around 3 and am pregnant with my 4th boy! I had my last 2 at home and hope for this one to be born at home too.

    What is it you would like to know? It's easy for me to say don't worry but if you don't know whats to come it can be scary.
    You can email to if you like and i'm on facebook 'michelle holland' if you ever want a chat. xxx
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