4D Scans - How many weeks were you when you had yours!?

Hi ladies!

I'm sooooooooooooo excited about having my 4d scan but just not really sure when to book it.
I've read somewhere that its best between 26 and 30 weeks??

My SIL had hers last week at 28 weeks and the photos were a bit pants to be honest!

How many weeks were you and did you feel it was just right or a bit too soon or a bit too late?!


Amy xx


  • i got mine done at 28 weeks and the photos were fab, but i think the longer u leave it the better there are, but i dont think u can go past 32 weeks at some places, i aslo got the dvd of the scan,. the pics look really like millie when she was born, x
  • Ours was at 30 weeks and the pics were really good. They told me 28-32 weeks was ideal
  • Hi Amy,

    Ours is booked for week 28 xx
  • Hi
    I had mine at 26 weeks and it was fantastic! You could see all her features perfectly and we saw that she had my nose and lips although at the time we didn't know she was a girl!! when she was born we saw just how accurate the pics from the scan were!
    Hope you enjoy yours!
  • Hiya, I had mine done about 30 wks and it was AMAZING!!! I have the video of it on my bebo page if you want a look, its www.bebo.com/amyi3 and just press play on the video box. That way you can see for yourself,
    Amy xxx
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