Pain in my belly

Morning girls

I am in a great mood today but a little worried (you know me). I have for the last few days felt these little pains all the time in my lower belly where she is and also my cervix hurst as well, it feels kind of heavy and like something is pushing down on it.

I am sure it's very normal but it has worried me it's been like this for two days now but it's not hurting me to the point where i feel I need to ring my MW.

K xx


  • Morning

    I had these feeling around 20 weeks, I saw my GP and they tested my water as they though it was a water infection but it was'nt so they put it down to the ligaments stretching as the baby grows.

    Why not make an appt just to put your mind at rest, its probably your little girl have a big growth spurt

  • Hi honey, I feel it too. I can feel a pushing sometimes and on sunday when I felt the baby moving at the front of my tummy I felt a throbbing. It was alright again on Monday. Every now and again I feel a painful twinge but ive put it down to all the stretching thats been going on and as long as I can feel the baby wiggling about im trying not to worry too much.

    If you are concerned I am sure your MW will put your mind at rest, whens your next scan?

    Georgie 19+4 xx
  • Yeah, it's hard getting an app to be honest and I have to take half a day off work to get one as they open such odd hours.

    I am due to see my MW in three weeks, i feel silly as I am sure it's nothing and it's not very painful but it's there you know.

    It's more the feeling in my cervix that is worrying me, I have no had much CM either where I was getting loads before.

    K xx
  • Hi hun -
    Why not phone your mw and see what she says.
    Probably just stretching pains as Rose gets bigger, but like you I worry about every little niggle. Its natural. I get very sharp twinges in my cervix, but mine has had to be stitched so mw says its that. Some days I have loads of cm then none on others so dont think thats anything to worry about.
  • thanks girls, i am going to see how it goes for the rest of the day and if it still carries on hurting I will give her a call, thanks girls.

    K xx
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