f a o crochetmom

Hi babe how you doing? Am going into work now to get my hair washed (ha ha struggling to do it myself) Was just wondering if you are ok. Give me an update and ill catch upwith you later! Ive got to put myflip flops on till i get to work and get one of girls to put my socks and boots on for me!!!!!! Otherwise ill look a right nob wandering round town with my flip flops on!


  • awwww hun that sounds like a good one getting girls to wash your hair hahaha, i'm deteriorating badly i'm back to baby steps to get anywhere with the crutches which are now killing my wrists as i have to rely so heaily on them i haven't slept properly for nearly a week as i have been in so much pain image spent last weds crying and i've been close to it several times this week i wouldn't mind but its starting to get me depressed and as a sufferer i don't really want to get depressed just yet.... well not at all lol. Mom's cancer looks to be sorted on the positive side
  • Babe you have got to take it easy you have a long way to go and you are going to make yourself ill! Have you been off work has this not helped? You have probably gone home now so i will catch up with you tomorow. Good news about your mum though xxxxxxxxxxxxx
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