Loving This Feeling!

Hi Ladies,
Im 16 tomorrow with my second baby and have been feeling the "fluttering" movements from what I think was about 11-12wks. However now baby is bigger im feeling proper movements and it feels like baby is doing somesaults in my tummy. Im loving this feeling and really enjoying it coz last time I know this sounds awful but wen baby moved it made me feel sick. Was just wondering what everyone else feels like wen their babies move, I know as baby gets bigger it'll prob start making me feel ill agen, ha ha ha. Kerry xxx


  • Hi Kerry, im 18 weeks with 1st and am feeling little pops and bubbles. especially when lying down. Sometimes theyre so faint im not even sure im feeling anything but im sure it is baby! I cant wait to feel the somersault feeling you described! even with these little movements i just feel a big surge of love when i feel them! like "wow, thats my baby in there" its great isnt it!
  • i am 31 weeks and still love feeling my baby move although it does feel a bit like threr is an alien in my tummy. x
  • Am loving it too but at night it tends to give me heartburn and I cant get comfortable. At least its reassuring that all is well tho. The only thing am finding difficult though is when its like a massive somersault in there and the whole of my belly goes solid at the most inopportune moments - just like a balloon has been inflated fully in my stomach. Would hate it if it disappeared though lol.
    Love Lee x
  • I am 25+1 and mine feels like serious wriggling! It's odd, like I've got tremors in my belly, and a big 'twitch' when he kicks. You can see my belly twitching on the outside as well, though I haven't seen his little feet yet, hehe. x
  • Yeah with my first baby from around 35wks he liked to kick just one leg out, so I was walking around with a noticably lob-sided bump, and you could see people looking at you funny. I tdid kinda hurt after a while tho thinking about it, and if hes anything to go by this baby will be active as well. Kerry xxx
  • it's definately reasurring to know little ones are ok and I love watching my belly ripple in the bath and when i am laid on my back.

    looks like i got an alien trying to get out sometimes.

    almost 36 weeks.
  • I liked dat as well, I used to splash my belly with hot and cold water to make baby move it was so funny. My oh called me cruel but I just like the reaction my baby gave wen splashed with cold water, ha ha ha, I was freezing by the end of my bath tho, lol. Kerry xxx
  • hi im 21 wks with second so have been feling it for a while, but it does kind of freak me out sometimes if i think about it too much.

    it is reassuraingcause its like the baby saying he/she is still alright, but at the same time when i thin there is a person inside me moving about it is quite bizarre!!
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