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who has an 'inny' and who has an 'outy'?
I am 27 weeks, big bump, but still have my 'inny' and dont think it will pop


  • i am 15 weeks always havea n outty i hate it!!!! surely it cant go out more...................CAN IT?? LOL
  • I have a huge outy!!! no matter what i wear it shows threw! HEHE, u still have time to get an outy yet luv. Mine came around 6 months x
  • Mine's a inny at the min but depends where baby is lying, sometimes he makes it stick out loads!
  • well mine is an inny outty !! half and half except when i laugh and it pops right out freaks my kids out!!!!

    chloe 34+1
  • lol mine changes - sometimes its really inny and sometimes it pops out a bit - i have an obsession with belly buttons and have wanted an outy since i found out i was pg. i love them! (im weird i know)
    lau 32+5 xxxx
  • ha ha Chloe that would freak me out too!! Mine is mainly an inny still just over the last few days I've noticed the top is poking out a bit - I'm 30+1 today.
    I'm the total opposite of you lau - belly buttons give me the heebie jeebies - I hate them!!! I've been praying mine won't pop out!!
  • My belly button is normally an inny and its so small now looks like it will pop anyday! i am 26 weeks 2moro! xx
  • mine's weird, it's like the bottom half still goes in, but the top half and just above it sticks out?! makes my profile very strange! doesn't actually bother me but my OH is like you moomin and belly buttons give him the heebie jeebies :lol:
  • Mines an inny still at 28+4, but it's starting to get tight now and i'm petrified of it flipping out into an out-y as i hate them....eurgh!
  • I have an inny but only because i have a belly ring holding in place :lol:

    Lindsay 26wks 2moro.
  • Mines an inny...just! It flattens a little more each day, so just waiting for it to pop out now! I didnt get an outy with my last 2 regnancies, so either i'm much bigger this time around or a different shape! xx
  • Mine is an inny!! just thinking of belly buttons is making me need a wee!!! When ever i touch my belly button i need a wee... i think i am alone on this one lol xxx
  • mines a flatty with a roof.
  • mine WAS an inny...it was like the grand canyon of belly buttons, but now it is a 'flatty' (much to my husbands amusement) baby keeps prodding it too so i wouldnt be surprised if he/she kicks one day and the blooming thing pings out lol.

    bailey_b 30+5
  • I have an inny but the bottom scar from my belly button piercing (which I took out 6 years ago!) is now on my tummy so its definitely on its way out. I am dreading it as outies really make me cringe!

    29 weeks today x
  • hi i'm 35+1 and mines still an inny, it's a lot flater then it was but at this point i don't think it's going to pop
  • Mines like yours aileenh10. Mostly in but the top bit sticks out. I have never had a problem with belly buttons but it's starting to weird me out a bit now and I really hope it doesn't pop out!
    Clare x
  • im 31+2 weeks i dont have a belly button at all its flat to my tumy when it looks freeky
    emma xxxxxxxx
  • i have an outty image
    never had an outtie b4, not even in my other pregnancies, it's been this way now for about 5 weeks (i'm 34+4), my hubs and kids think it's hilarious, as i'm so paranoid about it, u can see it thru my clothes now!!!! image
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