hi all

had some weird pains last night so midwife recomended that I have a scan done. All they could see was a little black dot in my womb. She thinks I am only about 4.5 - 5 weeks and not 7 as my dc thought by my last period. As my periods are all over the place and so long she thinks its likely to be 4.5.

I have got another scan in 2 weeks and hopefully then they will be able to see more.

I am really nervous now and hope all is ok


  • i'm sure all is good we thought i was further than i was when i had my 1st scan and i was a week behind then at the 12 week scan exactly 2 weeks later it turned out i was where i thought i should be and 2 weeks ahead of what they thought and 4 weeks growth from the 1st scan image don't worry it'll be fine you'll see
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