update on bleeding!


Well after my bit of spotting last night (by spotting I mean 2 very fine streaks of blood in my dc) everything appears to be okay now, the achey pains have eased off and no sign of any blood. The only thing I am getting is the odd sharp twinge in my right side, waist area - maybe i slept funny though! I feel a bit bad as on the advice of my MW i've taken the day off work and been told to relax though. Feel guilty about this now but I know its because of my mc a few yrs ago and complications that came with it. But anyway just wanted to thank you for your reasurrance and support - it means alot! xx


  • Hiya, i am so pleased for you! did you go to the docs this morning? put your feet up and relax for the rest of the day! x
  • Havn't been to the docs but have been in contact with my MW who was lovely, to be honest there is not a lot more a doc could say - i know i could ask to be sent for an early scan but i don't really want one. I had internal scans b4 my last mc and don't like them but also worry about having something prodding around my bubs. Just gonna put my feet up now and watch Phil and Fern! xx
  • yes good idea! u had hardly any bleeding so it sounded normal to me as long as its not heavy and red blood then u r normally fine i'm so glad u r ok now xxx
  • Thanks Princess Jane, starting to feel more positive again now - can't wait to get past the first 12wks. seems ages away! xx
  • Really pleased you are feeling better today.....I had to go back to work after having yday off because of bleeding so am v.jealous!!! Hope you have a wonderfully smooth pregnancy.

    Katie.x x x
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