Peeing when I cough! Lol.

Hiya girls,

hope you are all good??

I am just getting over a horrible cold/flu and have had the worst cough ever! Anyway, I have found that a few times when I have been having a coughing fit i have peed myself a little bit!!!!!
Is this normal in pregnancy or do I need to work on my pelvic floor muscles a bit more???
Really don't want to have a week bladder for the rest of my life!
Ended up wearing a pair of oh's boxers yesterday just incase lol!!


  • Hi Faith, its perfecly normal as far as I know! Same thing happened to me when I had a cold but now just happens if I sneeze by suprise!
    Tammi xxx

  • lol love that sneeze by surprise lol x
  • dont worry this happened to me with my first pregnancy and afterwards things went back to normal i didnt do pelvic floor excercises during my pregnancy did some after though xx
  • I need to work on my pelvic floor too - trouble is my OH is so funny sometimes I've discovered I can literally pee myself laughing! It's only a wee bit (tee hee) but what will it be like after the birth!
  • I have this too, its horrible! I get it when I cough or sneeze, I think maybe its just the baby/uterus pressing down on your bladder? I also had it with my first and went back to normal afterwards so as unpleasant as it is its not permenant!
  • Phew thanks girls! Was starting to worry that every time i get a cold in future I'm gonna wee myself a bit haha. My oh thought it was funny the first time it happened, men get it so easy don't they!! Can you imagine how they would deal with pregnancy and labour lol!!
  • I don't know if this is normal but it might make you giggle.

    I was in a meeting and my baby kicked me, the kick made me jump and I farted quite loudly! My colleague apologised for giving me a squeaky chair then winked when no-one was looking.

    I was sooo embarassed! At least we can disguise a bit of wee with a pantyliner!

    Keep smiling! xxx
  • Me too, happened in the middle of the wood walking the dog when I sneezed, teach me to wait for a good looking bush to have a discreet pee!
  • This happened to me too. I've foudn in the last week or so that if I sneeze or cough then I'd better be en route to teh toilet just in case!!
    Denise- I just laughed out loud at work about you farting in a meeting. What a lovely colleague to cover up with squeeky chair story.
    Suz x
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