going to hospital, has anyone every had this?

Hi ladies,

Well i've been having some problems with my legs over the last couple of weeks, they have been aching all the time and kept getting pins and needles in my left foot, then on Tuesday my knee began to burn then come up with a bruise.
Well to be honest i wasnt overly worried so just left it. I was on the phone to my mum today and told her to which she started panicing telling me to ring nhs direct asap. Well i rang them and they have told me to go to hospital asap, as it shoulds like thrombosis (blood clot) I'm now waiting for my oh to get home from work and really panicing and feel so stupid for not doing something about it sooner. Apparently its alot more common in heavily pregnant women (im 32 weeks) has anyone ever had it?


  • sorry hun, I've never had it but just wanted to wish you luck, I'm sure it'll be fine



  • Hi hun have heard of it, I am sure that everything will be fine, try not to worry too much as that raise your blood pressure and you need to stay calm (easier said that done I know). Good luck and let us know how you get on! Tammi xxx

  • OMG!

    Get there asap babe! I've been having achy legs and pins and needles but not noticed any bruising (cant see over this huge bump!) Besides that am sooo bloody clumsy at the moment wouldnt notice any new bruises. Am really glad you are getting it checked.

    I really hope you are ok hon!!

    Love Lee
  • Thanks girls, i'll let you know how i get on and thanks Caz i know it sounds awful but makes me feel better knowing its common (doesnt seem as bad now) lol x
  • Hi, speckle, i went to hosp with my last baby at 28wks with suspected blood clot, had to stay in for a few days have a full body scan and some injections to thin the blood (won't lie to you they hurt!) all was ok though and was allowed home went on to have healthy baby too, hope all goes well for you.xxxx


  • Good luck speckle hope all goes okay, sure everything will be fine, best to be safe than sorry tho. Kerry xxx

  • Good luck speckle let us know how you get on.
    vikki xx
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