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Hi Ladies

I had really bad skin with my last pregnancy. Lots of horrible spots and really oily skin right the way through and it took a year for them to clear up properly. I'm now pregnant again and already my skin is mega greasy and the old spots look like they are making their return. I've got some particularly painful craters along the top of my back (v.attractive).

I was just wondering whether anyone had any tips on preventing and treating spots during pregnancy. I felt so ugly during the last pregnancy that i'd really like to avoid the same experience this time round. Any advice greatly appreciated.


  • Hi, have you thought about starting on a new skin care routine and maybe arranging to have regular facials to help keep your skin clear while you are pregnant? I know the spots are probably hormonal but it might help a bit. I really like the Dermalogica skin mapping system but there are loads out there to try and i'm sure if you try a couple of salons they will be happy to give you some samples so you can see which range/brand you like.
  • australian bodycare is a FANTASTIC range for spots and greasy skin. they do a skin wash, moisturiser and tea tree oil to dab on the bad areas, you can buy online on or in superdrug!!!!
  • Hi Rebecca, I was exactly the same with my first pregnancy and at 9 weeks im starting again with this 1. I found clinic cleaser, toner and moisturiser helped a little, but this time round im going to try some tea tree c,t&m from the body shop coz that is supposed to be fabulous. I no how awful it makes u feel i was upset coz i fort u were supposed 2glow wen ur pregnant not go bac to looking like a spotty teenager. If they get really bad ask ur dr if there is anything she can prescribe. Kerry xxxxxxxxx
  • I use Clinique aswell, I must admit I wasn't using it last time so it might work for this pregnancy. If things get worse then I guess I'll see the doc.

    Thanks for the advice ladies xx
  • Hi all, Im trained as a beauty therapist, and also done a skin specialist course, the only thing we used to use clinque for was cleaning as its really good for removing stains, so whats it doing to your skin!!!
    The best thing you can do is use a scrub twice a week for a deep clean and witch hazel is really good as an all round toner for cleaning and closing pores, there is a company called mother earth that does some fantasic all natural skin care scrubs etc, dont know what they are like on oily skin though as my is really dry. The biggest mistake people make with oily skin is not using a moisturiser, as they think they wont need it , it can help a lot if you get the right 1, Clarins do an excellent 1 for oily/combination skin and a couple of my clients swear by it!!
    You could try french green clay scrubs for your body, they are fantastic, will try and find web sites for you, hope this helps xx
  • i'd really recommend going for a dermalogica facial and let them recommend a skin care regime for you. they're bound to give you some samples so you can try them out before purchasing anything. I've found them really good when my skin has been affected by hormones. There's plenty of websites that sell dermalogica stuff at good prices and i find all of their products very good value for money as they last for ages.

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