What would you do?

Ok, seeing as a few of the previous posts have been about xmas, I thought id add another xmas question. I am 33 wks and am due 23 Dec, although for some unknown reason I am adament that I will go overdue. I have done all my present shopping and also purchased all my cards. Now I have free time, id like to start writing the cards out but who do I put them from. Tups, dh and bump? Someone said, "what if you have the baby inbetween writing them and sending them", but im thinking if I do have a baby inbetween then the last thing I am going to want to do is write the cards out after its born. I can already think of better things to do with my time. What would you do? Would you even bother writing bump and leave it just tups and dh?


  • hehe, you write "tups and dh" (are you sure you're not the biggest BE addict if you're writing user name on chrissie cards) ;P
  • also, and this is being really nosy so ignore me if you don't want to answer BUT...

    ..I've always wondered what your username means. As I am not British, I might be being a bit stupid but I have heard people refer to this word in a number of senses and wondered if it was your nickname or something to do with your surname or perhaps for some other reason that has bypassed me as a totally dippy non-Brit!

    I am just totally boring with user name being my nickname and year of birth but I am totally fascinated by other people's more imaginative usernames!
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