advice needed

anyone got advice on trying to keep mt todler involved wen my baby is born? i think he's the kind to get a bit upset, i no he does if i hold my new born nephew..terrified wts goin to happen wen little one comes!!image


  • Hi, my daughter was 20 months when my youngest was born and I kept her involved from early pregnancy, she listened to babies heartbeat with me I brought a doppler with 2 earphones and we would lay in bed and do it together. When baby was born I encouraged her to help me, she would be with me when I fed little one and when I changed nappies she would be ther and would take it upon herself each time to put nappy in the bin. She is now 3 and my youngest is 16 months and they get on lovely and she still likes to help. I am also pregnant with number 3 due in july and have been doing the same with both of them.

    I hope this helps xx
  • Thanx ladies!!!
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