When do you apply for benefits & what ones???


I guess it comes naturally that you worry about money,e tc for when the baby comes - and this is exactly what I'm doing right now!
My partner is 22 weeks pregnant, so I was hoping you could help into what benefits I can apply for and when the earliest I can apply for it??
Thank you very much if you can help (will certainly ease abit of worry knowing when & what the next steps are!!)
Thanks again
Michael x


  • 11 weeks prior to EDD you can look at applying for the sure-start grant (they'll tell you if eligible). Once baby is here you are entitiled to child benefit, which is something like ??17 a week for 1st child I think? and you can also then look at claiming child tax credit - every family who has children is entitled to claim.

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  • Does you partner work? If she does she can apply for maternity pay from her 29th week of pregnancy or if not has she worked in the last 66 weeks? if shes worked 26 of these weeks she entitled to maternity allowance

    Ring your local job centre and they will help
  • hi if your partner worked she can get maternity pay , if she worked part time or 26 weeks out the last 66 she should get maternity allowance which is usually around ??451 per month if she didnt work you could get income support etc. You can apply for sure start if you are entitled to it , if not but before the baby reaches 3months old you claim a benefit that allows you to it then claim again for it. If you are getting a benefit then try for the healthy start vouchers which allow you a ??2.80 voucher per week for milk fruit or veg and this doubless to 2 vouchers when baby arrives. Asa you register baby send for your child benefit which is ??18.10 per week but i hear it may be going up. Then send for child tax credits as you will be entitled to this also if you work working tax credits. I wolud pop to your local jobcentre and make an apointment for advice and pick up any booklet or leaflet as the advisors arent always very helpfull, there may be more help you can get depending on your situation such as rent help, council tax, interest on mortgage if own house. Hope i have helped as i went through stage were lost hours at work, have my own home and myself and partner have both got own homes so i had a very stressful time as had no clue what to do and how to keep home, get help etc but it worked outxxx
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