Severe Braxton Hicks at 28+2 wks this normal

Hi there again ladies, sorry I know I have a lot of questions but I am getting severe braxton Hicks and have done for the last week or so. Does this mean the baby will be coming early. Has anyone else had them this early?? I can feel the baby in my grion area now and it;s really weird. I am getting the braxton hicks so frequently and it lasts for a while. My abdomen goes rock hard and I find it painful to walk (nothing new there with the Spd though ) Has anyone had this??


  • hi just to say yes i have been having very painful braxtons and im also 28 +3 day i also can feel the baby in my grion so i think its just the stage we are at hope that helps
  • Hi! I got really strong Braxton Hicks from about 24 weeks onwards, so think its probably normal. I'm almost 38 weeks now and still no sign of labour, so I wouldn't worry too much. XXX
  • Hi,
    I've only really experienced severe braxton hicks for the past 2 weeks & am now 33 weeks. I asked my MW about them the other day & she didn't seem phased at all- although the books & everything say these are your practice contractions it can take weeks for your cervix to soften & your body to prepare itself for labour so it shouldn't mean your going to go early.
    Just keep an eye though for any other signs of labour babes & good luck.
    Lauren (33wks) xoxox
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