visit to hospital last night!!!

Hi everyone

Last night I had the most painful stabbing low in my left hand side, by my hip. Called NHS 24 as it didnt go away at all, i have had this before but it has always went away.
So NHS 24 called my local maternity ward and they were very concered, so asked me to go in.
They mentioned both high risk miscarriage and etopic pregnancy so i got myself into a bit of a state.

So once there i got blood pressure and scan, nothing ws found on normal scan so had to get internal scan instead. Thankfully everything is fine and they wre happy with everything. I even got to see the babies heartbeat,and they put me at 6 weeks pregnant, which is a week and a hlf further on than doctors told me, so now have a due date of approx 1st Oct, how exciting!!!

I am so glad that I went as I was so worried and now feel very reassured.


  • gosh that must have been really scary for you hun, glad everything turned out to be okay though..its great when they tell you you are a bit further along than what you think isnt it?
    Glad your feeling better now.

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