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When I first joined this forum I noticed some of the girls came up with a great way to compare each others bumps- which I thot was quite funny.....

In order for everyone to compare the size of their bump you measure it with toilety roll!! Just wrap it round the widest part of ur bump and count how many sheets it takes to go alllllllll the way roooouuuuunnnnnnddd there!!!

I am 28 weeks today and I measure 9 sheets anyone else?????


  • 9? You must have awful big sheets (either that or mine are tiny)!! I am 9 and I'm only 19 weeks! I use charmin.
  • Haven't a clue what make mine our- I just buy whats on offer!!! But i wud say there average in size
  • I love this game! my husband thought I was nuts last time he saw me do it and now he is sure I am nuts.

    I am 29 wks today and using Tesco quilted I measure 8.5 sheets.
  • So he caught you with loo roll wrapped round your bump-perfectly normal......mine has just brought me a cup of tea and I'm sitting at the computer with nothing on my top haf!!! Its a good job we don't have a web cam or ther wud have been questions it stands he just looked at me, frowned and walked out.

    PS I'm not weird......honest I just can't cool down lol
  • Lol, no wonder people say pregnancy makes you crazy! I have the opposite problem, I bought a grobag temperature egg so that I would be used to having the house at the right temp for when the baby comes and it turns out that the "correct" temp is chuffing freezing!! Its at 18c at the mo which is about perfect and I am sat in a great big jumper (took the loo roll off).
  • think my husband booking me into the asylum as I write!! - i've just gone downstairs with a grumpy face and announced that i cant play the toilet roll game yet cos I havent got a bump to measure!!! only 13 weeks but look forward to playing with the 'big girls' soon!!

  • Not long now dkapplin and you'll be as fat and uncomfortable as we are! image

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  • Auughh D poor will have a bump soon enough-if you want some practice just shove a bag of spuds up ur top lol u will sooon get fed up carrying them around snd want to be 'normal'again lol
  • thanks for the advice girls!!!....though i am looking forward to having a proper bump instead of a 'mars bar midriff' !!

    i'm sure i'll eat my words sooner or later! (along with eating everything else!)

    Deb x:lol:
  • am 28wks today and am 9 sheets of andrex, OH gave me the strangest look whilst I was doing it!x
  • this thread really made me laugh! just dropped the toilet roll while trying to measure and it rolled out the door image

    i'm 21+4 and i'm 7 1/2 sheets of sainsburys super soft image
  • Hi i am only 13 weeks and measure 8 1/2 sheets today. this is good game
  • ooh I wanna play!!!

    I am 27+2 and measure 9 sheets of Charmin!!
  • I just read this at work and went to loo's i'm 28+3 and i'm 8 sheets, i came out toilets laughing, everyone thinks i'm barking mad!!! lol
  • do u measure all the way round your back and bump? I want to play but don't understand how to do it!! (bloody pregnancy brain!)
  • Dont worry debbie I wondered too - think my brain disappeared completely about 10 wks ago! Hubbie & kids already think i'm mad without having to wrap loo roll round my bump!!

    If you wrap it all the way around i'm nearly 10 sheets & Im 31 wks - but everyone has told me I'm huge - including my m/w - decided it was best to try this after hubbie left for work tho my 2 yr old tried to copy me - she thought it was great fun!
  • love it!!!

    I am 27+3 and measure 8 sheets! Which is interesting as I am sick of everyone saying 'ohhhhhh aren't you small' when really on here I seem to be about average so up all of theirs I say!!!
  • Hi Everyone,
    I'm 8 sheets with Waitrose super soft! I'm 18 weeks and 1 day.

  • I'm 34+3 weeks & I measure 10 sheets of andrex

    Hilary x
  • I measure 9 sheets of tesco luxury toilet paper i think!!! 23+2 weeks.
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