started to freak out a little bit....anyone else??

hi im 29wks n the all of a sudden ive started to freak out a little bit. i am so excited to be a mum but isnt it a scary prospect???? just freaked by how much our lives r gona change, for the better of course, but change is scary!!!! anyone else feeling this? am i normal?


  • HI hun - I've been feeling this since the day i found out im pregnant. It comes in waves - sometimes worse than others. i keep asking myself am I ready, how will i do this or that, and get myself wuite worked up. luckily i have a very calming hubby.
    Your feelings are so normal - its such a life changing thing and a huge responsibility. Don't worry though - all will be ok!!
  • I know what you mean, it all sort of hit me one day (when I was about 32 weeks) just how huge all this is, and I really started to panic! I came out the other side though - and am back to feeling quite chilled and excited about everything (even the birth!)

    You'll be fine!

  • I am only 6 weeks and i fell like this,so happy,but soooo scared.

    Jstar x
  • oh im pleased im not the only one!! Feel so guilty saying im freaking a bit cos im so happy n cant wait but still.....its massive!!!!
  • I was fine but now that one of the Due in June babies has made an appearance im starting to freak out!!!

    Lindsay 28+4
  • yip me too1not sure exactly what bit but all the what if i cant do it more than anything?x
  • I remember with my first feeling exactly like that - the thought of giving birth never daunted me in the slightest, but the mammoth level of resposibility and change scared the life out of me - in the end though it is a gradual change somehow and its amazing how quickly it just becomes your life to a point where you can't imagine what things were like pre baby. Its very normal to have these thoughts. Jo xxxxxx
  • im just worried about not having everything ready, ive still gota get the carseat and bouncy chair from mils and im yet to pack my hospital bag, but i just cant be bothered going into town as its so tiring and it makes me dizzy and unwell, other than that, im really excited!

    Hannah 36+3 xxx
  • definitely feeling the same - swing between excitement and panic most days hon!! x
    29 wks today
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