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Hi everyone,
Hope you are all well, I went to see my GP yesterday, the baby has gone from being 3/5s engaged and in the correct postion at 36 and 38 wks to now being completely unengaged (free?) and back to back - does anyone have any tips for turning the baby?

Have been leaning over my birthing ball and rocking but the GP said that my midwife cannot even give me a sweep until the head becomes engaged and to expect to go well past my due date. (tomorrow)



  • Poor you- I don't know how to turn a baby thats back to back. A breech baby can be turned by getting down on all fours and sticking your bum in the air but I don't know if thats just for breech!!

    My baby is in the same position and has been for ages (I'm 38+6) so I don't know whats gonna happen. I tried cleaning the floors on my hands and knees sticking my bum up just in case it would work!! What a sight for sire eyes but anything other than have to have this baby wrong way round.

    Has your GP/MW mentioned whether they will let you deliver naturally if baby doesn't turn or will it be a c- section??? Mine hasn't so just wondering
  • My LO turned posterior at 40 weeks (I went 2 weeks over). He did return to anterior and I delivered naturally after being in active labour for only 6 hours.
    Tips to turn LO:
    Don't slouch, always sit with straight back, unfortunately this includes slobbing out on the sofa.
    Spend as much time on all fours as poss, I used to alternate between leaning over back of sofa, kneeling forwards and leaning over my gym ball.
    Try to keep your knees below your hips.
    Sleep on your side, preferably the left (I have no idea why).
    Bounce on gym ball or gyrate your hips.

    Good luck x
  • my lo was back to back and i was told to crawl around on all fours and rock my hips whilst leaning against a chair! this didnt help me much in my case but she did turn around herself in the early stages of labour so its nothing to get worried about.. hope everything goes well for you xx
  • Thanks very much for your help - will get cleaning the floor!
  • Hi both my lo were born back to back i couldnt turn them they think its the way im shaped and that every baby i have will come that way, i went over with both and had a normal delivery with first just took a little long as contractions were trying to turn her round, and the second he got stuck and had forceps but he was 10 lb when born but he took a little longer because the way he lying.
    vikki xx
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