feeling down

Hi ladies,
im feeling a bit down at the mo i have psd and i have sprained my foot so im off work for three weeks i have not been able to get my 2 1/2 y old daughter to her grandparents so i have her at home dont get me wrong he is good but im not resting my foot propley.
im totally shattered,
my o/h isnt helping we have decorated a new bedroom for my daughter and he ha left it half done-skirting board not done none of her toys upthere yet.
i wanteed all her stuff in there so she is not confused......
i would put it in my self but all the spare carpet and rubbish has been dumped in to babys room so i cant get in...#
i asked tonight if we could get it orted and babys things in there cot up etc he just rolled his eys and said we have ages ggggrrrrrrrrrrrrr
but he still expects me to cook and clean up after him!!!!!!!!!!!

now i have to miss out on my midwife appointment tommrow caue i cant get there in the snow and ice and no one can take me.
sorry for the rant i just want to sit and cry :\(:\(:\(
emma 27_6 xxxxxxxxx
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