question about blood tests

Hi I had my first lot of bloods taken at my MW appt on Monday. I'm getting in a bit of a stress paranoid that they will find something wrong. Would they contact you asap if there was anything wrong with them??? I would presume I would have been contacted by now if there was a problem? any ideas would be much appreciated xx


  • hiya, i felt exactly the same as you they test for syphillis and h.v amongst other things i was terrified they would find something as i had temporarliy split from hubby, i asked my mw when she was taking then and she said she has never in all her years had any come back positive, the wait was awful but everything was ok so i was being a little paraniod i suppose but you cant help it! it will be fine and yes they would contact you asap if they found anything really worng but i really doubt it xx

  • dont you worry dea. I went through that and I had some negative test. a slight chance of down syndrome. I worried for an hour but have faith in God that if that has to happen, he must just make me strong to handle it. I refused to go for extra tests.
    I dont see why I should be worrued. One of the worry with my pregnancy , its my 1st, is that I dont wory about anything. I dont even get angry but I shout or nag.

    Oh, good luck and trust in the Lord. No need to worry before you hear the results. for the baby, stay positive, u will be fine.
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