Bleeding at 11+1 - UPDATE

Hi Girls,

Went to toilet at about 10am and when I wiped I had lots of brown mucus (I know I have read 1000 times brown is good as it is old blood) but I never realised the level of panic until now. I absolutely freaked, I am RH Neg so need the antiD if I bleed, plus because I have had a symtomless pregnancy I just thought 'I knew there was a reason' - went to the doctors who said that i literally have to wait to see if it gets any worse and that I can go to the hospital in the morning for a scan and antiD injection.

I have already had 2 scans which have been fine (paid private). Never had any sort of bleeding so when i wiped this morning I was hysterical. It has carried on throughout the day, it is like brown EWCM.

i have read before that women have bled but where is it from?

sorry for the waffle I am just exhausted from crying all day and really dont know what to do



Had scan and baby is fine - I am so in love with it, it was kicking and wiggling and touching its face, it was amazing. Doctor thinks bleed is from the growing placenta it can tear a little but they have no still bleeding a little but baby was having its own little party so I am pleased. It kicked and wiggled so much I am def going to feel it when it gets bigger...........

Thanks once again for all of your support ladies - you are amazing!!!

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  • oh honey I know it's scary but try not to worry.My cuz bleed 4 times throughout her pregnancy and they told her it was one of those things and had no idea where it came from.

    I had a bleed at 13 weeks and I know what you mean, the sick feeling in the belly is awful. I have just found out i am RH Neg and never knew at the time of the bleed but they have told me as it was tiny bleed it should be fine.

    I honest believe due to it being brown you will be fine and at least they will scan you tomorrow morning.

    K XX
    19 Weeks
  • Hi,

    The brown cm can be your cervix/hormones or an old bleed from uterus. It's not usually anything worse unless it's red and accompanied with pain. The scan should reassure you tomorrow but realise how stressful this must be.

    Take care,

    Inka xxx
  • I have bled a few times and one time is was brown, and everything was fine. They never found a reason for my bleeding, sometimes its just one of those things xxx
  • Everything crossed for you.
  • Oh no, i am sorry to read your going through this stressful time. You have done the best thing by seeing doc and getting a scan booked. I am sure as its old blood all will be ok but I know that won't help your stress levels. My friend had a full bleed every month throughout her pregnancy when her period would have been due and she paniced every month but all was well and her litlle boy is now 5.
    Rest up tonight and will be thinking of you tomorrow.
  • Fingers crossed all is ok LadyK, sure it will be fine in the morning and you'll get another sneaky peak at your little bean image

  • Easier said I know but I'd try not to worry hon, I had 3 bleeds in the first 12 weeks incl 2 with red blood. It really is horrible and makes you feel so worried, I know how you feel.

    Unless you are in pain, I'm sure it's just an old bleed or even implantation, that's the reason I was given at 11+4 when I had an emergency scan at epu.

    I'm now 23+6 and touch wood all is well.

    Take Care hon and put your feet up

    Sazzle xx
  • Fingers crossed for you hun. My friend had this with her pregnancy and she was also R Neg and she had a very healthy baby so it may be just because of your blood group.
    Try not to worry, rest up and good luck for tomorrow

  • Easier said than done but please don't worry. Wouldn't this be around the time your period was due? In which case it could be linked. My friend had brown blood and midwife wouldn't even send her for scan - just said that it was completely common and if not accompanied by pain or red blood then nothing to worry about.

    Thinking of you, good luck xx
  • hi.

    sorry to hear what your going though. iv had 3 bleeds so far, at 6+4,6+5 and 7+3 i had a scan at 7+2 and all was ok but after 3rd bleed, they wouldnt scan me again so im waiting until my 12 week scan, really hoping all is ok, is there any way you could get a scan on the nhs? normally if you have a bleed they scan you...also brown blood should be ok as like you said its old blood, my bleeds were all pinky so that really worried me...try not to worry, i know its easier said then done but stress isnt good for baby. hope all is well.

    ashy xxxx
  • I'm sorry to hear this and and I'm thinking of you. I will keep my fingers crossed. Like the girls said it is brown so should be ok but its still worrying.
  • i had 2 fresh bleeds on my last pregnancy,one at 7wks and one at 13wks and i passed clots but everything was ok they couldnt explain why i was bleeding,try and take it easy

  • Thanks girlies for all your lovely messages, still tiny tiny bits when I wipe, but not heavy and def old blood, had a few cramps but nothing out of the ordinary. I am having a scan tomorrow some ways I have been sitting here looking at pushchairs so a part of me is v postive.........bodies are so weird. I wish now I had brought a doppler so I could have a little check. OH well 13 hours time I will see little lamb chop x
  • Im sorry to hear you are going through this hun, I know exactly how it feels. I had 2 heavy bright red bleeds. But everything was fine, im glad you are feeling positive. As others have said if no pain then probably all fine. Thinking of you and sending loads of positive vibes to you and your little lamb chop.
    Big hugs

    Lisa xxx

    ps Ive also had a fairly symptomless pregnancy so far, it doesnt mean there is a problem, just that we are very lucky :\)
  • How are you feeling today?
    What time is your scan?
    I hope all is ok.
  • I hope your scan goes ok this morning. I had some bleeding early on too and everything was fine. I'm now 31 weeks.

    Will be thinking of you. Make sure to let us know as soon as you can x

  • Phew, so relieved everything is ok! I hope you got some lovely pics x
  • So pleased all is ok and how lovely you got to see your baby wriggling around.
  • Hi hun, so glad everything is ok!!!! relax and put your feet up this weekend sweetie!

    Love steph xx
  • Glad all is well hunny, hope the bleeding settles soon! xxx
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