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Right after my recent 'scare' i'm thinking a good birth plan is in need... I know they don't always run to plan but I think i'd feel better with something of my wishes down even if it just gives OH my power in voicing them!

I do not want OH to leave once i've gone into labour REGARDLESS of what stage i'm at.. got a little worried about reading that on another post..

Would love to have a set sort of plan to work too at the mo just listed wishes and preferances..

does anyone know where I could get one to work to so that my forgetful pregnancy brain can sort of check i'm running along the right sort of lines? image

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  • There's a birth plan checklist to the right of the page under your name. I used this as a guide then added my own 'wants' and 'non-wants' to it.

    I wanted a water birth, but since I'm being induced under consultant care I can no longer have that option! So keep an open mind. xxx

  • yeah I did fill that one put wondered if it was a little simple (not that simple is a prob) but just wondered if more in deepth once for just encases was available?? xx
  • Google it hun, there are loads of websites and I have taken the best bits from a few and drawn up my own.
    Hope that helps.
    30+4. xx
  • I had a section in my notes to write the birth plan...then the baby came shooting out so quickly that mw didn't even look at it and the 1 thing I was determined not to do (give birth laying on my back) I ended up doing- typical! You don't need to go into too much depth.

    I think if you give birth in hospital they can ask your oh to leave if you're in early labour, but I had my baby in a birth centre and hubby stayed overnight with us which was great.

    Good luck with the birth plan and the birth!

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