Opinions please.

im thinking of getting the Saplings Katie crib instead of a moses basket, because it last baby until 6months and will fit lovely in our bedroom aswell as foldable so can have downstairs in the day.
What do you girls think?

Iv seen it cheaper on ebay ??65 including P&P so good value aswell


  • Gatecrashing from baby but I think it is lovely. Moses baskets can be a bit rubbish, my little girl only stayed in one for 6 weeks as she hated it and my little boy, who only used it in the day, grew out of it by about 6 weeks!!
  • Its gorgeous isn't it :]
    I like it because its better value for money because a moses basket wont last too long plus it will be small enough to have in our bedroom :]
  • i really like this too and its a possibility for us, although i think i would like a rocking base to help rock baby to sleep...and it does remind me a little bit of a laundry basket, but at the same time i really like it
  • Ha.
    Iv just shown my OH the crib & he said "you'l have to remind me not to throw my pants into it cuz it looks like our laudry basket.
    I still love it though :]
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